Yellow Lady Slipper, Prairie Wildflower

Yellow Lady Slipper, Prairie Wildflower

Earth laughs in flowers

– Ralph Waldo Emerson



Meet Our Lady Dressed In Yellow! The Canadian prairie Foothills is showing off yellow lady slippers in all of their finery, Cypripedium parviflorum, a wildflower extraordinaire from the Orchid Family.

When fully dressed they expose a display of yellow with red interior accents. Like other orchids, each flower has three petals and sepals. The name ” slipper” comes from the bulbous shape, common among orchids. These perennials hang out in a variety of North American habitats, but stalk softly, so as not to disturb, if you are trying to track them down. These hardy specimens can withstand deep freeze temperatures of minus twenty and then show up in spring while there is plenty of moisture and cool temperatures. This is a perfect habitat for the brief appearance of this exotic wildflower, withering by late spring, they make way for other hardy species that thrive in the blistering heat and relentless prairie afternoon winds of mid-summer.


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Yellow Lady Slipper at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park @Heather Simonds

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