Vietnamese Street Models, Ho Chi Minh City

 Vietnamese Street Models, Ho Chi Minh City

When you are out cruising on your pedicab ride ( ) be on the lookout for pretty models dressed in traditional Vietnamese costumes.

Well, maybe that only happens during Chuc Mung Nam Moi, or Vietnamese Chinese New Year. Everyone knows this is a big deal in China but in Vietnam there is almost as much frenzy over this holiday period.  One thing the visitor is soon aware of is, this is not a one day event as it is in western society. It is the biggest family and friends gathering of the year typically covering a week or more. In Ho Chi Minh City the streets are decorated according to the theme (in 2014, Year of the Horse) and flowers are integral to any decor. Yellow is a favourite floral colour and they show well in monochrome too. In front of this backdrop pose a few models with smiley faces and everyone feels like celebrating. Take a peek into a street photoshoot.


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Vietnamese lady poses
Ho Chi Minh City Street Model ©
Vietnamese model
Vietnamese Model Reflecting ©
Vietnamese woman
Ho Chi Minh City Outdoor Photography ©
Vietnamese woman
A Model Checks The Photograph ©
Vietnamese woman
Four Happy Asian Models



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