Turn The Lights Down India – Low Light Photography


Turn The Lights Down India- Low Light Photography

Travel always involves low light. If you stay overnight (and isn’t that one specification of travel?) you will need your night vision on.

Dealing with the dark side transpires in narrow alleys, medieval cathedrals, evening cafes, artistic performances, night exploring, and, of course, street animals (human and other) take on a life of their own, so to speak. In India, daylight shifts early, compared to the northern hemisphere “big light” days of summer, so switch your mindset to the limits of the medium and have settings arranged before images are forever lost to the abyss of darkness. Low shutter speeds, ISO and grain compete with drama, contrast and new vision. Things just don’t look the same with shadows and darkness defining and framing. Emotions are exposed when the stark light is peeled away to slinking, dancing shadows that carve out dimension and tonal difference. Another nightly benefit is cooler temperatures, keeping your brain from liquefying and eyesight from wandering to the frosty beers in the midday heat; ever focused on the light and darkness play unfolding through the evening.

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Indian Jaipur travel
©Heather Simonds, A Jaipur Gate At Night, Rajasthan, India


Indian landscape travel
©Heather Simonds, Late Afternoon At Erotic Kajurahu Temples, India


Indian landscape travel
©Heather Simonds, Late Afternoon Light On Kajurahu Temples, India


Indian travel dance photography
©Heather Simonds, Hindu Dance Performance, Madhya Pradesh , India


Indian Hindu architecture travel
©Heather Simonds, Late Afternoon Inside Erotic Kajurahu Temple, India






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