Timeless La Alhambra, Spain

Timeless La Alhambra, Spain

Hands down the main feature of Granada is La Alhambra.

You just can’t argue with all of that Arabian script for creativity, add in pre to post medieval architecture and mix it all up with centuries of garden landscaping influenced by folks from Arabia to Rome ( those pesky Romans had their hands on this hilltop location too) to Belgium. Checking all of this out makes for an afternoon of sensory delight. If you had to pay for a tour, like most visitors, you will be fed and led around the expansive grounds with barely time to take a breath during the tour chatter.
After La Alhambra has been given its due, including a sunset hilltop viewing from San Nicholas Plaza across the valley from La Alhambra, with the snow-covered Sierra Nevada backdrop, (Clinton felt it was one of the best sunset locations in the world), with weary legs settle into a cafe for street watching. Offering a dynamic and always unique scene and more personal than a live rolling cinema, as the viewer selects the subject matter. Children chasing rock doves, meandering minstrels, rats in condemned “se vente” buildings, servers and patrons. In some ways things have not changed since medieval times.

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