More Arshan Siberia People And A Few Cows

Arshan Siberia People and a Few Cows 

Mountain Town Sublime


Arshan, Siberia is a mountain town nestled at the foot of snow capped Sayan Range. There are a few things that you should know before you venture up the less beaten track from Lake Baikal to experience it.

Water – Arshan is famed for it and visitors come from all over Russia for the water experience. The name Arshan comes from the Buryat word for “spring”. People come to gulp it, there are bottle filling stations everywhere. If they are not imbibing, they are partaking in it, in a spa sort of way. If neither or both are for you, you can also take in a hike along a mountain stream if you do not want to drink or immerse in it.

Yawn – if it is nightlife you want, you had better take the next bus back down to Lake Baikal. Better still, head on back east to Ulan Ude or west to Irkutsk, where you might be able to find a semblance of nightlife. Otherwise, you will be stuck listening to the boom box output of visiting Russians. Besides vodka, it is part of the remote vacation experience in Russia.

Kids – They make it easy. Discover community life through the eyes of the children. Whether visitors or locals, around the world, curious and innocent, naive and open, kids are kids.

Outdoors – it is a nature kind of place with hikes in some of the purest air available on the continent. Take a breath.

Vodka – is more available than groceries. Walls of it. The convenience store walls are reserved for vodka and the small display case in the center has edibles. Vodka prevails over food, get used to it.

Cows are almost as available as vodka. You can meet them on the main street, in the back alleys and just about everywhere else. If the owners do not pay attention to them they come calling.

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Arshan Siberia People                                                                                                                    ©


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Arshan Siberia People                                                                                                                   ©



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Arshan Siberia Vendors Selling Seed Snacks                                                                              ©


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Early Morning Vodka, Arshan Siberia                                                                                            ©


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Arshan Siberia People                                                                                                                        ©


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Arshan Siberia Mountain Town                                                                                                     ©


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Meeting Friendly Arshan Siberia Cows                                                                                          ©

Siberian People of Irkutsk

Siberian People of Irkutsk


When you are looking for street images of Siberian people, kids make it easy. Kids and pigeons are even better. Excited, animated, unpredictable and motivated. One is enchantment, the other a nuisance but together they mesh the worlds of childhood and aviation, facial expressions and movement.

Just head to a park where they will be hanging out. With pigeons are part of the mix, you have preoccupied parents, busy keeping up with the need for seed, as well as focused children. You can just sit on a park bench and blend. That is how it happened in Irkutsk, Siberia. Out came the bird seed and then the fun started, more bird seed just meant more fun.

On the way to the destination park, you just might find a people reflection. That is always a bonus in the search for people on the streets of Siberia.

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Siberian Girls Play Irkutsk, Russia


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Siberia, Irkutsk Girl With Pigeon Food                                               ©



travel photography Siberia boy
There Are A Lot of Pigeons to Feed, Irkutsk, Siberia                        ©



travel photography Siberia boy
Don’t Bomb Me, Please! Irkutsk, Siberia                                          ©



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Pigeons Can Be Overwhelming, Siberia People                                ©



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Pigeon Encounter, Siberia                                                               ©



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Reflecting On Siberian People Irkutsk, Siberia                             ©

More Siberian Graffiti In Irkutsk Siberia

More Siberian Graffiti In Irkutsk Siberia


Most travellers to eastern Russia do not look for Siberian graffiti with purpose.

After a few days of checking out Siberian towns, food, history, architecture and people, you may begin to notice the art form on public walls. You can seriously prioritize graffiti or just absorb it as you go about town with other purpose. It is widely available, innocent or political, as most graffiti tends to be. On walls and railway attics and warehouses and fences and just about any viewable surface, Siberian graffiti is right there before you for the looking, local and widely available. So look up and out and at the art in Siberia, whether or not it is Siberian graffiti that you prefer.


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Reflecting on Siberian Graffiti


Siberian Russian Grafitti
Siberian Graffiti Art Form ©


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Siberian Graffiti Political Statement ©


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Siberia Public Wall Art ©


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Siberia Graffiti In Rainy Irkutsk ©


Meeting Freindly Arshan Siberia People ©
Not All Public Wall Art Is Graffiti but It All Makes A Statement ©

Reflecting On Siberian Graffiti in Irkutsk

Siberian Graffiti in Irkurtsk


You may not think of graffiti when you think of Siberia but the art form is alive and well.

A viewing of the local artists’ handwork in Irkutsk, near Lake Baikal and one of the largest cities in Siberia, will have you convinced. You can take in the regional influence in the wall art where Lake Baikal claims over 250 indigenous animal species.

If you are lucky enough to hit the street scene after a rainfall you will get double the experience. If you duck low the perspective is larger than life. Bright tones, artistic brush, Russian influence, eastern style, Siberian masterpiece.

Wander the nearly vacant streets of the inner city and absorb the eastern Russian remoteness, smattered with Soviet influence.

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Reflecting on Siberian Graffiti in Irkutsk                                                                                    ©


Siberia reflection architecture
Reflecting On Siberian People In Rainy Irkutsk                                                                        ©


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Irkutsk Siberia                                                                                                                            ©


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Lake Baikal Influence in Siberian Graffiti                                                         ©


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Cool Tones Irkutsk SIberia                                                                                                   ©


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Siberia People Reflected in Siberian Graffiti                               ©


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Siberian Graffiti                                                                                                             ©