Happy New Year This Fall Season

Happy New Year This Fall Season

Back To School For Everyone


red fall leaves
Red Leaves Falling                                                                            ©heathersimondsphotography.com


For some folks the fall season is the” new year” as far as getting back to a schedule after the drop out days of summer. Back to a schedule often means continuing education after a break. How does the frugal photographer improve?

We are often happy to separate from our money on workshops and seminars but it may not always be convenient or necessary to have others lead? With a little sleuthing and planning you can get a low cost education on a myriad of topics.

Internet – the idea here is to get a plan, not just scamper around sites looking at whatever is announced in your Inbox or social media site. Find a few websites or blogs that speak to you, sign up for their regular spiel and read them as an assignment. To maintain discipline, the newsletters could go in a folder called “School” and you could make a commitment to get a little education daily. Read them all or replace with ones you will read. Don’t pick too many or you will be overwhelmed. Pick a focus area that you want to improve in and assign that work for a month or two. Stick with it then move on to a new focus. Discipline with the internet is key and we all know what that is about.

Public Library – Let’s start with what libraries are known for, books, then walk past them to the magazine. There is a wealth of information in computer, technology and art books as well as specific books showing imagery on subject matter you may be specializing or interested in. Computer and technology books need to be current but older photography and art books can work for composition, focus, new or improved subject matter, colour, posture, lighting and all things image capture related. Test yourself. Why did the photographer chose the setting, lighting, angle, point of view, how was that shot obtained, why was the lighting set up a particular way? This is also a source for focused look at specific areas of interest, nature photographers check out the magazines on outside activities, portrait folks look at poses and props. Pick your genre and explore.

Equipment – Sounds simplistic but, in reality, cameras are complex computers. If you are just using the Auto settings (or ones with icons like night, portrait, landscape) you are not utilizing much of the potential of your camera.  Do you know how to set up for flash off camera, use the timer, take bracketed images, change the on-camera flash compensation, preview a shot, Live-view a shot, compensate for fill flash, and any other new, untried button, setting or switch?  Set up a time, open your manual and play around with settings in an area that you are not familiar with.

Shoot with someone who does an entirely different type of photography. Push yourself outside the box. With a little discipline you can get a free education.

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British Columbia forest
Fall Season Rainforest Walk                                         @heathersimondsphotography.com



Glenbow Golden Fall
Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Fall                              ©heathersimondsphotography.com



nature photography landscape
Fall Landscape Blur                                             ©heathersimondsphotography.com



Carcross fall landscape
Log Cabin and Snow Capped Mountains                                                                            ©heathersimondsphotography.com



Yukon Gold In Fall Landscapes

Yukon Gold In Fall Landscapes

A Modern Gold Rush


There is gold in them thar’ hills. Yukon gold. And it is free for the taking, once you discover it.

The gold rush of the past still haunts the other gold rush that has long outlasted the mineral quest of the last century. But unlike the former, wherever you venture in the fall are golden poplars, smattered with red shrubbery and purple hills and, if you are lucky, blue is in the skies reflecting off of the water. The yellow and blue make a colour palette marriage known by artists to create interest. Complementary colours. Intrinsically high contrast, warm yellow and cool blue. In the Yukon, at the beginning of September, warm may be the days but cool is biting the back of your neck and crawling down your spine as soon as the heat of the sun fades.

Head to the rivers and lakes and bogs and ponds for the most dramatic gold and blue landscapes. There you can reflect in the drama of early morning mist or late afternoon sunset, ideal for the sweetest light. As you scout locations for these warm hours, be mindful of the critters that can give you a bad time when you are least expecting them. Even in Whitehorse, with its far reaching suburbs, a grizzly sow and cubs are known to wander through the hood, giving no one any notice.

The essence of the north, breathtaking, dramatic and wild. Always a rush!

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Yukon Sled Dogs – Tenacity And Focus


Yukon Gold Landscape

Yukon Fall Landscape                                                                          ©heathersimondsphotography.com



Yukon Gold Landscape
Yukon In The Fall                                                                   ©heathersimondsphotography.com



Yukon Gold Landscape
Yukon Early Morning Landscape                                               ©heathersimondsphotography.com


Yukon Gold Landscape
Yukon Gold Sunrise                                                                     ©heathersimondsphotography.com


Yukon Gold Landscape
Yukon Gold Sunrise                                                                    ©heathersimondsphotography.com

Yukon Sled Dogs Up Close And Friendly

Yukon Sled Dogs Up Close and Friendly

Dense Sled Dog Living


The sled dogs are all friendly”, the towering, young Swiss staff member offered with utmost confidence.

Our field of view is a foreground of vigilant sled dogs against a snow dusted mountain backdrop. An atypical yard for dogs, well over 120 in number, all within mere inches of each other by chain. That is dense dog living. Close quarters communing. Considering the famed strong-willed personalities of sled dogs, it sounds and looks like a canine war zone. And this man is telling me that every one of them is friendly with such resolve that a challenge to test his proclamation is on.

Surprisingly, harmony, more or less, prevails over the dog yard. Only a few are curled inside their just big enough dog houses, heads protruding, keeping a wary eye on potential action. Alert to any sign of potential action, poised to spring, if only to the end of their chain tethers. Almost as intimidating is the vocalization of barking, whining and howling. Then, as if the choirmaster has motioned silence, the chorus subsides with a few off-key renditions. Most dogs are sitting on their homes, pacing their allotted space, or making deep circles around their allotment. All are ready for any indication that action in the form of running, chasing, or exercise in general, is about to happen. It is the calm before the hiatus, an opportune time to get to know these indefatigable canines.

After a month of Yukon rain the muddy mire that the dogs are living in gleams with stickiness. “Some may jump up on you” he cautiously warns. Images of gooey, sticky, brown muck pawing all over me clouded my dog loving brain. Momentarily the conflict is overcome. If that is all I have to fear then life is good as they say. Bracing for the inevitable gritty encounters, the only way to experience gregarious personalities of Yukon sled dogs is to embrace it up close. Even if it involves a face freckled with mud splatters.

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Yukon Sled Dogs – Tenacity and Focus

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Daze

Dog Days of Winter

Winter Creeps Up On Dogs Too


Yukon Sled Dog ©heathersimondsphotography.com
Yukon Sled Dog Resting But Vigilant                                                                                                    ©heathersimondsphotography.com


travel Whitehorse Canada dog
Yukon Sled Dogs                                                                                                                                  ©heathersimondsphotography.com



travel Whitehorse Canada dog
Yukon Sled Dog                                                                                                                                    ©heathersimondsphotography.com


travel Whitehorse Canada dog
Yukon Sled Dog Howl                                                                                                                                 ©heathersimondsphotography.com


travel Whitehorse Canada dog
Yukon Sled Dog                                                                                                                                  ©heathersimondsphotography.com


Yukon Sled Dogs
Yukon Sled Dogs Can Be Muddy                                                                                                            ©heathersimondsphotography.com

British Columbia Rainforest Walk

British Columbia Rainforest Walk

Almost any day a walk can invigorate the soul, so what makes this British Columbia rainforest so special?

In the autumn the sprinkling of big leaf maples among the firs and ferns makes a sauntering stroll particularly magical. No matter if your jaunt is interceded by precipitation. The protective canopy keeps the ambiance fresh without overwhelming. Thankfully, the rainforest is known better for it’s dampening effect than its bracing downpour. Around every corner are enchanting surprises, leaf strewn pathways, inukshuks, peek a boo falls, artifacts from the coal mining era and always moss laden logs in various stages of decomposition. Fungi make a home in the ones lying prone on the forest surface and it isn’t unusual to find ferns sprouting from mossy branches still hanging on to the mother tree. It is the stillness that is haunting. If you come without noise props you can hear the forest sing of peace in the land, quietly absorbing your cares away.

With that much power, a rainforest walk can be more tempting than a cinnamon bun. However, you may feel you deserve one at a local bakery after your mental and physical workout. For bakeries in Ladysmith near Holland Creek (where these photos were taken) check out Old Town Bakery or In The Bean Time to quell the appetite you worked up on the rainforest trail.

http://www.yelp.ca/biz/old-town-bakery-ladysmith or http://inthebeantimecafe.foodpages.ca/

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Rainforest Trail Walking                   @heather simonds
Rainforest Leafy Trail              @heather simonds


Rainforest Trail Walking                   @heather simonds
Rainforest Trail Peek A Boo Falls                   @heather simonds


Rainforest Trail Walking                   @heather simonds
Rainforest Trail Walking                      @heather simonds