Rajasthan Train Where Can You Go In India

Rajasthan Train


Where Can You Go In India?


Rajasthan train is the way to go in this part of India. If you drive any distance in rural India you “get it”. A train ride cannot be beat for getting around expediently and without worry of accident. And they are more or less timely, given the part of the world you are in. A Rajasthan tour is probably tops on most “what to do in India” lists. Blue City of Jodphur, Pink City of Jaipur, Ghats of the Ganges. Princely states, harems, ladies palaces, all can be seen easily by Indian train. Most of these sites can be seen in a busy, but not frenetic week of Rajasthan train travel. The largely intact forts and palaces are full of centuries old antiques from elephant palanquins to ornate hookahs. After the tiger safari, riding an elephant up to a palace, marching around a fort and a smattering of local colour side trips to equally fascinating Fort Chittaugarh (Fort Chittor) and erotic Khajuraho temple can be easily arranged by India Rail.

You can get a view of the Indian countryside outside of the teeming cities. In the middle of nowhere you will be surprised to see an Indian Rail employee who looks like a local farmer, and most likely is one. He may be quietly waving a flag with full sense of purpose having fulfilled the days rail duty. Occasionally there will be children playing or locals just gazing at the wonder of the train lumbering through their regular schedule. So take in the big sites but be sure to admire the everyday living in this exotic and colourful land.

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Indian travel photography
Jaipur, Rajastan Reflection


Indian travel photography labour
Rajasthan Train


travel photography India Indian
Udaipur City Palace, Over Four Hundred Years of History


travel photography Rajasthan India
Landscape from Lake Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


travel photography Indian Rajasthan northern India
Jaipur Gate, Rajasthan, northern India


travel photography India Indian Khajuraho temple
Erotic Figures, Khajuraho temple


travel photography India portrait
Portrait of Indian Caretaker on Elephant above Jaipur


travel photography Indian landscape photography
Western Hindu Temple at Khajuraho, northern India


travel photography night photography India Indian
Chittor Fort, Rajasthan at Night


travel photography Chittaurgarh Indian
Indian Fort Chittor


Indian train Udaipur Rajasthan
Monkey On Chittorgarh Fort At Sunset



Siberian Girls Like Pigeons Too

Siberian Girls Like Pigeons Too


Get Low and Get Perspective


Siberian girls like pigeons. And pigeons like Siberian girls. It is a mutual thing. Simply put, one desires food, the other desires entertainment.

Especially if the girls have avian food. Stomach motivated, like most of us. If you are a stout-bodied, hungry chick with short legs you may need help, or may think you need help, with the next snack. Pigeons are attracted to humans with seed packets and Siberian girls with sunflower seeds are answered prayers. Delectable kernels of cereal preferred. Cultivated crops for avian scroungers. Bagged, bitty morsels. 

Girls can get distracted with their own playmates, engrossed in their mutual activity. It happens to all of us, from time to time. But, just as likely, children can become absorbed in the distracting motion of the fluttering bird as a potential play thing. Stomping at and chasing the new fascinator. Before you know it the birds are playing the game, usually unwillingly but that can be the centre of fun for these Siberian girls.

You can become a little partial to pigeons too. If you take a hint from the birds and keep a lower perspective you just may get the shot of girls and birds at play. Get low and get a pigeon perspective of the world. Grovel with the birds a little. You will be glad you did.

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Siberian Boys and Pesky Pigeons


Yukon Gold Sunrise ©
Pigeons and  Siberian Girls  Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia                                                   ©


Yukon Gold Sunrise ©
Park Pigeon Fun                                                                                                      ©


Yukon Gold Sunrise ©
Keep Your Eye on the Pigeons                                                                                    ©


Yukon Gold Sunrise ©
Pigeon Pandemonia                                                                                                         ©


Yukon Gold Sunrise ©
Keep Your DIstance                                                                                                       ©

Pakistani Dress Elegance Marina in Magenta and Burgundy

Pakistani Dress Elegance

Marina in Magenta and Burgundy


For Pakistani dress elegance, Marina models and describes some traditional and modern styles:

Magenta Shalwar Kameez

My mum had the Magenta Dress made a little over 25 years ago. My grandparents basically had a dozen or so fancy outfits made for my mum so that she would have some nice items to wear for special events and what not. This dress in particular is called a shalwar kameez The kameez was the long shirt that I was wearing with slits on either side. A shalwar is basically a pair of pants that goes with the kameez, I don’t know where the shalwar went for this outfit. The entire dress was hand embroidered with bead work on crinkled georgette. I wore leggings with the kameez because nowadays its okay to mix and match. Some girls in Pakistan wear leggings with fancy dresses. Leggings are similar to another type of traditional shalwar called churidar.  

White Kameez with Burgundy Dupatta:

I bought the white kameez from a very popular Pakistani online boutique called Khaadi. This kameez is more traditional, less trendy, and often worn on a daily basis (less fancy- without the embroidery). The Dupatta (long scarf) is, in my opinion, the touch that makes the outfit. My mum had it made from the same designers/tailors that made the magenta shalwar kameez 25 years ago. She had a few others made in the same style to wear with plain shalwar kameez. It is completely hand embroidered! This type of embroidery is called Tilla. Tilla embroidery has a heavy Mughal influence and is done by using a fine needle and gold or silver thread. This dupatta was made using the Karchobi technique. Embroidery was considered a very high art form in the past. The Mughals were all about opulence and art; it still is, but sadly, machines have taken over much of the work of artisans. Here is a really good article on this topic:

The pants that I wore with this outfit are more of a western play on the traditional shalwar. They are more fitted and cropped like capris. The shoes are called khussa, brought last year from Pakistan. The pair that I have are not as fancy, I do have ones that are beaded. Khussa are traditional handmade leather slippers-also heavily influenced by the Mughal empire. More information/history can be found here:

Mojari or Khussa Footwear from Pakistan

Khussa Footwear Pakistan

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Pakistani dress elegance
Shalwar Kameez From Pakistan


Pakistani dress elegance
Shalwar Kameez From Pakistan


Pakistani dress elegance
Burgundy Dupatta and White Shalwar From Pakistan


Pakistani dress elegance
Burgundy Dupatta and White Shalwar From Pakistan


Pakistani dress elegance
Pakistan Traditional Dress Shalwar Kameez


Pakistani dress elegance
Shalwar Kameez From Pakistan

More Arshan Siberia People And A Few Cows

Arshan Siberia People and a Few Cows 

Mountain Town Sublime


Arshan, Siberia is a mountain town nestled at the foot of snow capped Sayan Range. There are a few things that you should know before you venture up the less beaten track from Lake Baikal to experience it.

Water – Arshan is famed for it and visitors come from all over Russia for the water experience. The name Arshan comes from the Buryat word for “spring”. People come to gulp it, there are bottle filling stations everywhere. If they are not imbibing, they are partaking in it, in a spa sort of way. If neither or both are for you, you can also take in a hike along a mountain stream if you do not want to drink or immerse in it.

Yawn – if it is nightlife you want, you had better take the next bus back down to Lake Baikal. Better still, head on back east to Ulan Ude or west to Irkutsk, where you might be able to find a semblance of nightlife. Otherwise, you will be stuck listening to the boom box output of visiting Russians. Besides vodka, it is part of the remote vacation experience in Russia.

Kids – They make it easy. Discover community life through the eyes of the children. Whether visitors or locals, around the world, curious and innocent, naive and open, kids are kids.

Outdoors – it is a nature kind of place with hikes in some of the purest air available on the continent. Take a breath.

Vodka – is more available than groceries. Walls of it. The convenience store walls are reserved for vodka and the small display case in the center has edibles. Vodka prevails over food, get used to it.

Cows are almost as available as vodka. You can meet them on the main street, in the back alleys and just about everywhere else. If the owners do not pay attention to them they come calling.

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Russia travel
Arshan Siberia People                                                                                                                    ©


Russia travel
Arshan Siberia People                                                                                                                   ©



Russia travel
Arshan Siberia Vendors Selling Seed Snacks                                                                              ©


Russia travel
Early Morning Vodka, Arshan Siberia                                                                                            ©


Russia travel
Arshan Siberia People                                                                                                                        ©


Russia travel
Arshan Siberia Mountain Town                                                                                                     ©


Russia travel
Meeting Friendly Arshan Siberia Cows                                                                                          ©