Superbloom Death Valley Wildflower Peepers Delight

Superbloom Death Valley

Wildflower Peepers Delight

Roadside extravaganza. Desert floribunda. Botany bloomfest. Superbloom Death Valley is on again as wildflowers sprinkle and spread a dramatic carpet of colours in one of the bleakest places on earth.

Death Valley is having a flower show? Unpredictable and even more rare, this floral showing is wilder than just wildflowers. Once a century, and recently with El Nino, once a decade, a wildflower extravaganza hits the dismal emptiness of this valley turning a typically hostile environment into a flower festival.

Less than occasionally and sometimes once in a century Death Valley gets more than it’s allotted four trickles a year in rainfall. AND a critical amount splatters the blistered desert in the fall. Wildflower seeds wait for decades for enough moisture to wash off their outer coating allowing germination to perform nature’s magic. The following spring, after a lot of hope and anticipation that this year will be The Big One, Mother Nature nods in approval and the valley turns into a superific extravaganza of colour. Superbloom Death Valley explodes continuously for weeks as the seed to flower to seed cycle progresses from floor (sea level) to ceiling (mountains over 5000 feet) across and up and down this typically barren landscape. With climate change and wet events like El Nino, “normal” is uncommon, and for the second time this century, a “once in a century event” has imploded again.

Everywhere. Watch your step! Please do not step on the desert sunflowers. They are responsible for the entire desert floor taking on a sunshiney yellow hue.

Missing the 2005 Superbloom Death Valley meant a chance of the century passed you by. But last fall the rain gods descended on the desert seeds again with another superbloom. If you miss it you may have to wait another century or a lifetime or maybe just a decade this time.

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Superbloom Death Valley
Superbloom Desert Sunflowers in Rocky Fields and a Scratchy Dead Bush, Death Valley    ©


Superbloom Death Valley
Death Valley Desert Sunflowers Dancing In A Superbloom                                           ©


Superbloom Death Valley
Beatty Road Blushes in Red, Yellow, Purple and Green , Death Valley                                    ©


Superbloom Death Valley
Yellow Fields of Desert Sunflowers in Death Valley                                                            ©


Superbloom Death Valley
Yellow Fields at Sea Level, Death Valley                                                               ©




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