Street Photography in India

The streets of India are happening places where people are engaging in activities that are natural but foreign to the outsider.

Old man feeding pigeons make good street photography
Old and Young Share a Street Photography Moment

It is easy to find people doing unusual things on every corner, from unshaven men recording your weight to clean shaven, shoeless ones resoling shoes to an old man feeding auspicious pigeons with a baby.

Street Photography in India
Weigh in on this Street Photography
Street Shoe Repair
Street Shoe Repair

The photographer has to be ready to adjust from the light on shady streets where a tattoo is being applied to full blown sunlight with backlit white horse on its way to a wedding.

Wedding Horse - Street Photography in India
Street Photography from Mumbai, India

The most captivating images have a focus whether it is eye contact with the vendor or a different point of view. Sometimes the most unusual shows up, like the man giving a tattoo to a poor soul in public. Ouch!

Getting a tattoo on the streets of Mumbai
Sometimes Street Photography Hurts

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  1. Natalie

    Wow that must have been a really interesting trip! Nice photos!!



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