Someone’s Always Dancing To The Tropical Beat In Cuba


Someone’s Always Dancing To The Tropical Beat In Havana, Cuba

For a city of over 2 million, Havana streets are peaceful, but that doesn’t mean they are quiet.

Music of every genre intermixes with the requisite dancing in the eateries, the hotel lobbies, the bars, the cafes and the clubs and spill out into the street at any time. When Cubans have access to anything, they “make do” as best they can, offering a fascinating peek to outsiders unfamiliar with a forced recycling of every aspect of life and the results of such resourcefulness. Rustic, historic, charming and gently deteriorating, Havana is a city of contrast, a living cemetery of things past, hundreds of years of undisturbed relics. The recent influx of visitors has afforded opportunities to locals previously unimagined and yet Havana remains largely unspoiled, waiting to tempt visitors’ sensations. It offers what the capitol of most developing countries offer, but the twist here is the contrast between being “caught in time” and the subtle creep into modernity that can be witnessed on the streets, as locals eke out a living in a world between “pause” and “forward”. Havana deserves more than a day trip for those willing to leave the beach and slip down a few side streets wandering back in time.

Get into the beat and enjoy the show.


Havana Cuban Dancing
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Havana Cuban Dancing
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Havana Cuban Dancing
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Havana Cuban Dancing
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