Siberian Girls Play, Irkutsk Russia

Siberian Girls Play, Irkutsk, Russia


Children at play. A fantasy world. Brief moments in life when cares are minimal, days are framed by naïve simplicity and unsophisticated entertainment.

Taking advantage of parent absenteeism, Siberian girls scratch chalk on the hardscrabble pavement of a Soviet style apartment parking lot. Pigeons, poised for crumbs, circle the playground perimeter, hoping not to be taken in as captives. Fascinating responsive pets, what more could a little girl want?

Meanwhile the paradise of two girls out of view of watchful eyes reading to smother their backyard bliss. They ogle the camera and its master, register the implication, abandon or continue? They break into the business of asphalt frolic among the pigeons. Once again,  and through time, fun overcomes fear.


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Irkutsk Siberia street
Chalk Play, Irkutsk, Siberia ©heather simonds


Irkutsk Russia street
Laying The Outline With Chalk ©heather simonds



Irkutsk Russia street
Pigeons Want To Play ©heather simonds



Irkutsk Russia street
Marching Among The Pigeons            ©heather simonds


Irkutsk Russia street
Pigeons Become The Play                ©heather simonds


Irkutsk Russia street
Pigeons And Play           ©heather simonds


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