The Power of One in a World of Many

The Power of One in a World of Many

Part 1 What Is One?

What is one?

Two points, a stick. It can hop but not walk or run. No arms for family or community to grab, hug, embrace, shake. Alone.

One, one, one.

1,1, 1.

A numeral.

Think about one. Skinny, branchless, without focus. Most of it’s life is clothed in black, unless the writer chooses Kodak saturation. How uninspiring is that?

It is only the beginning. A start that demands improvement. Bigger is better.

Lacking creativity, it cannot get much done. Where is the construction in one? The bones have no substance. Expansion is in order.

Unloved like the curvy relatives, 3 and 6 and 9 and the endless 8 it is always pointing the same. Leading but does not give direction.

It invites a taste but not a meal. Just one bite when one is never enough. Temptation for more but one is the end. Fini. Tout fini. It will not allow starvation nor satiation, only craving for more.

Solo, single, one, conundrum.

We beg quietude and peace, but frown loneliness. The oneness of a selfie that requires sharing with the world. Meditation is good, better in a class, single is sorry, partnered is praised. Follow the mass. Blend, do not separate. Lone begs a frown. Pity the unaccompanied. One is noiseless. No chatter raises alarm.

Determining place in a world of mixed messages where privacy is sacred, gatherings feted. It is a place that relishes crowd and revels community. Where family packs must be divided, unescorted proms bring furrowed brows, single supplements must ante up, motel rooms sport an unused bed, unshared food is tossed, companionless season tickets discarded. Independent but pitied.

This photography series explores the idea of one in a world of many. Our conflicting and communal relationship with one: 

Tree Eulogy The Power of One

She Stands Alone in Sao Bento Train Station, Oporto

Alone But Not Lonely In Madrid

Military Parade, Alone in the Armenia Independence Day Crowd



lonely one people
Cafe Man Porto Sitting and Watching                                                                                                          ©


pigeons and travel perspective
One Kitty, Many Pigeons Delhi Mosque, Jama Masjid, India                                                                    ©


One Boy Many Pigeon
One Boy Many Pigeons                                                                                                                             ©


Nadaam parade Mongolian
Mongolia Nadaam Games Parade Day, Lonely Walk, Lonely Sentry                                                              ©


one Portugal Street People
Feeding The Pigeons Alone Porto, Portugal                                                                                                 ©


Monk Buddhism sunset
Meditative Walking Alone, Phnom Penh, Cambodia                                                   


one tree
Solitary Tree, Monteray California                                                                                            ©


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