Phnom Phen, Cambodia Rooftop Perspective

Phnom Phen, Cambodia Rooftop Perspective

If you can find rooftop access to this Asian city then you can get a pulse of the entire country, Cambodia, from a city perspective all in one panoramic viewing. After all, this city was dubbed the “Pearl of Asia” before war took its toll, but not its soul.

New and old, freshly poured and moldy, rustic and neon, ancient stupas and construction cranes, crumbling and swanky, all can be spied from a birds eye perspective. No doubt Cambodia is in transition, and, at times, can barely keep up. Like many Asian capitals, Phnom Phen is the centre of politics and culture. It has all of the usuals, a royal palace, a temple full of silver (well, what wasn’t plundered by invaders, 40% is left) and museums including, of course, a National Museum. What capital city doesn’t have one of those? Fortunately, not every country has a genocide museum (Tuol Sleng Museum) and sometimes it takes these somber places (the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek is also nearby) to prod visitors into emotional introspection about the essence of humanity. Sobering as these difficult but necessary sites are, not everything about Phnom Phen is dark and bitter. It’s shimmering temple spires compete with Buddhist traditions throughout the land, the markets bustle and the people hustle with the same rhythm found in the rest of urban southeast Asia. All of this comes in one manageable city. Don’t forget to take a meander along the wide riverside walk where the Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers intersect in the city. A city at the crossroads with a lot of vibrancy to share.


Phnom Phen Rooftop View ©heather simonds


Royal Palace Rooftop View Phnom Phen ©heather simonds


Phnom Phen Cambodia
Royal Throne Hall, Phnom Phen, Cambodia ©heather simonds

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