People In The Spanish Streets


People In The Spanish Streets


People around the world are doing things in the streets.

In the streets of Spain, they are doing what everyone else is; socializing and dancing and playing and demonstrating and working and talking and just about anything you could imagine. If you take the “look for an unusual perspective” photography tip serious, you can avoid getting a sneer (or worse) from the police overseeing the Labour Day demonstration in Zaragoza at bay by keeping a low profile. Take a moment from the dynamic scene to observe the “gear” packed on Spanish peace protectors. Photographers are known for gear obsession but that affection would be intimidated in this studio. Lots of street images are evolving into a specific “aha!” moment when the disparate parts of the scene is linked. The little boy is dancing and engrossed in the musicians. Most parents know toddlers are unsteady but his focus on the active musicians might just save the day.

Some street scenes are not so dynamic and the story causes a pause or reflection. Take someone so distracted that they are unaware of their surroundings: the old man engrossed in a study of the coins at the weekly Barcelona coin and stamp open air market in Plaça Reial. Does the man come every week? Is his notebook full of coins he has been trying to find all his life? How many coins have those elderly hands fondled over the years? No matter what the scene, there is always a story.

Spain police Labour Day
©Heather Simonds, Peaceful Spanish Demonstration


Spain Zaragoza
©Heather Simonds, Music In The Spanish Streets


Spain travel photography
©Heather Simonds, Spanish Street Smiles


Spain Barcelona people
©Heather Simonds, Spanish Coin Collector Examines The Goods


Spain Barcelona people
©Heather Simonds, Barcelona Street Costumes



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