More Siberian Graffiti In Irkutsk Siberia

More Siberian Graffiti In Irkutsk Siberia


Most travellers to eastern Russia do not look for Siberian graffiti with purpose.

After a few days of checking out Siberian towns, food, history, architecture and people, you may begin to notice the art form on public walls. You can seriously prioritize graffiti or just absorb it as you go about town with other purpose. It is widely available, innocent or political, as most graffiti tends to be. On walls and railway attics and warehouses and fences and just about any viewable surface, Siberian graffiti is right there before you for the looking, local and widely available. So look up and out and at the art in Siberia, whether or not it is Siberian graffiti that you prefer.


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Reflecting on Siberian Graffiti


Siberian Russian Grafitti
Siberian Graffiti Art Form ©


Russia travel photography
Siberian Graffiti Political Statement ©


Russia travel photography
Siberia Public Wall Art ©


Russia travel photography
Siberia Graffiti In Rainy Irkutsk ©


Meeting Freindly Arshan Siberia People ©
Not All Public Wall Art Is Graffiti but It All Makes A Statement ©


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