Mont Tremblant Turns On The Fall Colour



Mont Tremblant Turns On The Fall Colour

Once in a while Mother Nature cooperates with azul fall skies and drama infused clouds, golden leaves sprinkled with orange and red, calm waters with nary a breeze, all in the same package at the same time.

Occasionally, you find yourself at this place of bliss at the moment of exactitude and can absorb the multiple calming effects working in precision. The Laurentians of Quebec, and more specifically the wilderness parts of Mont Tremblant Provincial Park, provide this idyllic opportunity without the clamour of crowds that tend to ruin the spell. Leaving city agitations behind, one can traverse back roads north of Montreal, whiling away as much of the day as your gas budget allows, in an effort to slowly acclimatize the mind to an untroubled state of nature meditation. Yes, there is a fast, direct route for those seeking a more immediate city break, but this northern haven deserves slow absorption to ready for the wave of calm that waits.

Here the complementary colours that “leaf peepers” tend to associate with fall, blue and yellow, offer up their magic. With the sun lower on the autumn horizon, the sky deepens in hue and across the colour wheel, poplars, willows and elms, the other mainstay of the fall palette, bloom predominant deciduous yellow, the less widespread reds of maples and sumacs splash on minimalist visual tension.  Those fortunate enough to live in or visit the eastern North America landscape on these windless days count their blessings that winter hasn’t descended yet.

Drink in the fleeting vista, breathe and visualize, with emotional openness, meditate in this madness of calm and serenity, for winter’s cool whisper is mounting.


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Canada nature photography
© heather simonds                 Quiet Lac Munroe Mont Tremblant Provincial Park
Canada fall landscape
© heather simonds           Canadian Fall Landscape, Mont Tremblant, Quebec


Laurentian Quebec nature
© heather simonds            Take A Boat Trip on Lac Munroe Mont Tremblant Provincial Park



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