Mongolian Kids, Nadaam Games


Mongolian Kids, Nadaam Games


Kids and games go together. Ancient games and annual rituals and sweet food and family parties and crazy horses and traditional feasts. That is the Nadaam Games.

Where this festive scenario unfolds, one can predict there will be lots of people and that means there will be kids.

lots of them: running, laughing, gripping, riding, screaming, staring. If you are prepared, show respect and reveal intent there will be candids and portraits to capture the emotions. Lots of them. The Nadaam Games comes annually to the entire country of Mongolia in early July and the kids are there. Every time.

For more on the Nadaam festival and Mongolia see:


Mongolia adult child
Mongolian Mother and Child                ©heather simonds


Mongolia horse riding
Mongolian Boys Riding Horses                ©heather simonds


Mongolia children mother
Mongolian Kids At Nadaam Games             ©heather simonds


Mongolia Asia Mom
Mongolian Mother Holds Child               ©heather simonds




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