Mongolia Wrestling – Nadaam Games

Mongolia Wrestling -Nadaam Games


Of the three “manly skills” in Mongolian culture, wrestling is the most important. It has been ranked there since the days of Ghengis Khan; keeping the army nimble and preoccupied with games had Mongolia on top of the world in conquests.

Although modern wrestling is practiced and watched with enthusiasm in Mongolia, Buryatia (Russia) and Inner Mongolia (China) the Mongolian version reaches it’s peak in Ulan Bator where the National Nadaam takes place early in July every year. Titles for winners range from  “Elephant of Aimag, Garuda of Nation to Undefeatable Giant of Nation”. The judges are gathering and last minute checking is taking place. Folks have gathered in their traditional costumes from spectators to judges, and then, there is the participants’ standard gear, here is a sneak peak.

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Mongolia Asia games
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Mongolia Asia games
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Mongolia Asia games
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Mongolia Asia games
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Mongolia Asia games
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