Fall Malingers For The Nature Seeker

nature photography landscape
Fall Stream, British Columbia Rainforest

Malingering Fall

Rain patters, cloud scatters, chilly forest walks. That’s late fall for you. Bits of it are still hanging around in the northern hemisphere to lure the intrepid nature lover out for one last inhale of crisp foliage not yet in the first stages of decay, to sight the last Canada’s (as in geese, Branta canadensis) in take-off mode, or to admire the colour of fallen leaves in the stream.  Check out these pleasing blurs, a slow shutter speed in a stream and a forest and a shallow depth of field challenge perceived reality. There is still time to capture that late fall perspective before winter totally takes over. The big landscapes might be devoid of colour but, deviating away from the ordinary, imaginative captures can still be created. Why not make a last stab at fall imagery before fall disappears into winter’s thrust?

(Also see http://heathersimondsphotography.com/2012/11/01/hanging-on-to-fall/ )


nature photography landscape
Fall Is But A Blur By November


nature photography landscape
Fall Macro Photography





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