Madrid, Spain – Cover Your Drinks

Madrid, Spain-Cover Your Drinks

The word “tapas” is derived from the Spanish verb, tapar or “to cover”. According to “The Joy of Cooking” ( and who is going to argue with those fine foodie folks?) some time in the past, in Andalucia, southern Spain, small strips of meat or bread were used to cover sweet sherry drinks to prevent fruit flies from over whelming (or over swarming) the liquor. When other variations on this practise were added, the little drinking snacks we know of today became regionally popular in Spain.

Whatever the derivative of these tasty bits, the idea of encouraging conversation by removing the focus from a gargantuan meal, especially in an era where folks are submerged in an electronic device whenever they start or finish or are in the middle of consumption of anything, may save the fine art of convivial conversation. When you are experiencing these tasty tidbits in a cozy authentic Madrid eatery, bar, cerveseria, restaurante or whatever lured you from the street or onto the street, small chatting predominates. Do you get the picture? These snacking and drinking places are everywhere, they follow a very generic description and although the electronic glow still shines, the fine art of sharing an upfront, personal moment prevails.

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