Street Performer Life Is A Juggle

Street Performer Life Is A Juggle


The Power of One


The life of a street performer is a juggling act, both on and off the stage.

A sole practitioner with the acute business sense of a dark-suited CEO without the MBA polish. Graduated honourable mention from the school of hard knocks, without the flashy papers. Replaced the teenager’s magic deck with eye catching balls. It takes a strong draw to get the job done.

Tony, tawny and tired. Always tired and always practising.

Childhood gymnastics. Teenage magician school dropout. Adult rejection from magic school. Now a street performer. Aged but still has the passion.

A job where lunch depends on the ability to stand out in a crowd of actors; dinner means pleasing fickle onlookers. Ready to turn their attention at the speed of the next snapchat. Pan the crowd, is there acceptance here?

A career fading or faded? Let the audience decide. It is an era of short attention pan. The crowd demands entertainment at the twirl of a hat or the toss of a ball. The odds are against the street performer but when the applause registers

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Power of One


Madrid Spain street performer
Performing Alone                                                           ©



performer Madrid Spain
After Performing Alone                                                                ©


street performer One
Seville Walking Alone                                                                                                            ©


street performer girls pigeons
Yukon Gold Sunrise                                                                                                                ©


street performer baby Asian dancing
Dancing Legs                                                                                                  


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