Joshua Tree National Park Evening Sky Beckons

Joshua Tree National Park Evening Sky Beckons


Joshua Tree National Park evening sky is a peculiar and atypical place.

Strange trees, geologic wonders, high desert, giant marbles, San Andreas Fault, cold nights, weathered granite, indigenous birds and mammals all await. A rock climber and scrambler mecca, and, for regular folks, just plain fascinating. Joshua Trees or Yucca brevifolia share the desert floor with lesser hardscrabble flora. Scrubby Cholla cacti endear with their teddy bear features, gripping their claws into the desert sand. Occatillos vacillate between dead and green throughout the seasons, depending on rainfall, their promiscuous tendrils wielding the desiccated air.

Merely an hour drive above the low Colorado Desert, Joshua Tree National Park can be easily accommodated from the Palm Springs resort area. A last minute decision to take in a stroll before evening light descends could still have you comfortably settled in for some night images. If you stop in any of the hearty cafes bordering the park entrance, you can waddle out with memories of that double chocolate brownie the size of a man’s fist, drowning in a snowball of vanilla ice cream, as you disembark into a surreal world of boulders, cacti and overreaching Joshua Trees. Hit the trails before the urge to snooze smothers your original intention to take in a cacti infested desert walk.

The otherworldly trip is worth it.


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Keys View Look To San Jacinto Mountains ©heather simonds


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Joshua Tree Embraces The Landscape            ©heather simonds


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Hike Nature Trails At Joshua Tree               ©heather simonds


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Joshua Tree Late Evening ©heather simonds


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Joshua Tree National Park Sunset                 ©heather simonds

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  1. Susan Bauerfind

    Fabulous! Your description is wonderful …right down to the ‘waddle’.
    Your photographs are otherworldy, just as we observed. Well done!



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