Indian Labour, Land of Contrast

Indian Labour, Land of Contrast

Like most things in India, when it comes to labour, the subcontinent is a frenzy of contrast. The same country that is the world’s largest employer (bureaucracy at its height at Indian Railways) also wins the race for street Mom and Pop stalls. Then there are the open-air preindustrial factories  (see


Although India’s streets and countryside are full of dizzying ” busyness” a glance in a different direction has relaxed India lazing neath the community shade tree watching the world pass by, and discussing local politics or when the monsoon is coming this year or whether last nights dinner had enough chili pepper. It’s just the way things are in this land of contrasts.


Indian travel photography
Indian Street Portrait
Indian travel photography
Street Typewriter Services



Indian travel photography
Indian Men Gather Under The Banyon Tree, Khajuraho, northern India


Kerala Indian industry brick-making
Brick-making In Kerala, India


Kerala industry
Loading One Brick At A Time


Indian travel photography labour
Indian Railways – The World’s Largest Employer


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