Houseboat Perspective Kerala Southwest India, Part 2


Houseboat Perspective Kerala Southwest India, Part 2


A cruise in southwest India? Kerala, Alleppey, Appaluza, Malabar. Pepper, rubber, spices. Beaches and backwaters. Brackish canals and estuaries. A houseboat perspective is what you need to see this area as a local.

Most people come to this region for the Ayurvedic tourism and boating. Boating? Yes, cruising the waters, kicking back the Kingfisher beers, wallowing in the subtropical warmth, taking in the coconut palms and the candy coloured saris and the rice barges and the swollen paddies and the weathered fishermen. That is what The Venice of India is all about. Get the houseboat perspective and you can take it in on all sides from the open water.

Take a moment to observe life as people go about their daily business of laundry, bathing, transporting, walking, paddling, playing and living.

Monochrome or Kodachrome, no matter how you view it, the houseboat is a good way to travel in Kerala.


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Indian travel photography
Paddling Among The Big Boats ©heather simonds


Indian travel boat
Sitting Among The Big Houseboats ©heather simonds


Indian travel abandon
Abandoned Boat ©heather simonds


Indian Alleppey reflection
Paddling Among The Big Boats ©heather simonds


Indian travel photography
Houseboat Sunset Among The Palms                         ©heather simonds


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