Hermit Thrush

Hermit Thrush – A Melody Marvel In Any Woods


Little brown songbirds. Unassuming? When they thrust their head back and open up their tiny throat in song, you will never think the same again.

Take the little brownish feathered example, the Hermit Thrush. There is nothing typical about this bundle of operatic chords. As note after note pours from their tiny throat you may query why Mother Nature filled such an unpretentious creature with such harmony. This is not a rock star we are dealing with but that has not stopped them from emulating the Hermit Thrush in admiration. The bands, Thrush Hermit, Hermit Thrushes and Hermit Thrush, have named their bands in admiration. Technology games (Nintendo used the Hermit Thrush song in the “Garden”). The Hermit Thrush is a melodic marvel, described by some as the finest in nature.

If rock bands can take inspiration from little browns then surely we can take a minute to admire the source. And lets not forget the screen, The Hunger Games and House of Cards have also acknowledged their melodious tune. How trendy is that for a smudgy, blend in the background, wallflower bird?

As if that is not enough fame, the venerated poets, Walt Whitman and T.S. Eliot have raised the bar on this little ball of meter and pulse.


Hermit Thrush sounds


songbird wildlife photography
Hermit Thrush, Beloved Singer © Heather Simonds



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