Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Spring 2014

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Spring 2014


To some, the prairie spring vista can be uninspiring. To others it is just plain tiring as the rest of the world experiences daffodils that aren’t deluded by a spring snowfall, green grass that isn’t denuded by frosty temperatures and a big sky that threatens snowfall (again!). Spring is a long journey of frozen precipitation playing checkerboard with “here today-gone in an hour” sunshine, often in the same day.  Hope and expectation fizzled.


As winter’s monochromatic palette lingers into the season that conjures up emergent botanicals, drab foliage and empty branches continue in their state of wanting. The world’s universal natural vitamin D source is as lacking as the corresponding intensity of heat. The clutch of winter drags on into April and May; temperatures remain low and dribbles of slushy snow dampen, yet again, the dead landscape and the spirits of winter survivors longing for the next season with all of its promise. Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is approximately 3500 acres of prairie grassland preserved just west of Calgary, Alberta. A walk through the all-season park in the late spring afternoon (that is, late May) offers up the warmth of the solar strength just before it lowers below the still seemingly frozen horizon. And then, without notice, summer descends. Hope and expectation rekindled.


It was a long prairie winter but spring is here. The park is a working ranch complete with cattle and fence lines and cowpies along with trees and trails and deer. Keep your eyes open and watch your step when roaming on this unique landscape.

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Glenbow Cochrane crocus
Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Prairie Spring Botany                       ©heather simonds


Glenbow prairie photography
Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Late Spring Robin                          ©heather simonds


Glenbow green Cochrane
Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Spring At Last                       ©heather simonds


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