Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park – Before And After The Floods

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park – Before And After The Floods


Reflecting on the past week, it is amazing what a difference a few days can make.

The rains which plagued southern Alberta to nightmarish proportions were just starting their torrential ruination at the time these first two images were taken. Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, just west of Calgary was emerald green despite the foreboding skies. Clean and sparkling, readily dressed for those bleaching days of summer which, after all, was scheduled to arrive later in the week. Those brilliant colours typically do not linger on the prairies once the long sunny days of summer perform their desiccation dance and a different “brown season” creeps into the height of summer. For spring brown season, see

Mother Nature had a different plan and a lot of southern Alberta is now blighted in slimy, brown silt. The rains and the swollen Bow River that snaked through the prairie lands, more an “out of control” dragon than a lowly serpent, left a sticky, ugly sort of brown that remains long after the withering summer temperatures unfold into autumn. Our minds still grasping the surreal, rationalize with our hearts, saddened by losses and devastation. Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, like many institutions, is slightly crippled but now open again, changed by the swath of last weeks’ weather but ready to serve nature seekers who want to re-engage with Mother Nature and worship again the wealth she also bestows.

Alberta 2013 flood imagery:



Calgary Alberta landscape photography
@HeatherSimonds, Storm Clouds Building


Calgary Alberta landscape photography
©HeatherSimonds, Storm Clouds In The West


Calgary Alberta landscape photography
©HeatherSimonds, Tomorrow’s Gonna’ Be a Better Day


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  1. Harvey Martens

    Like the photos, especially the last one. Hope you were high and dry.



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