Get Thee To Zaragoza (Spain)

Get Thee To Zaragoza (Spain)

Zaragoza is not on everyone’s Spanish travel itinerary but, if the beaches spring cool breezes, head inland for architecture and tapas, two reasons to migrate anywhere in Spain. The ‘slow’ train from Valencia gets up to 160 km/hr climbing the higher altitude up to the plain while the down trip to Barcelona can max out above 300. It’s what is there that makes an April countryside trip through snow (a 50 cm dump) at times worth the effort.

After a day of Roman ruins (a pass will direct you through four museos so there are a few 2000 year old antiquities to gawk at), Calle Ceasaraugustos is a major street (now that tells you something), the Labour Day parade is not riotous despite the intimidation of the police gear, the Plaza with Basilica. The reflecting pools in the plaza are unique and intriguing. It takes so long to just walk through this slab of Spanish religious dominance, it can only be described as ‘cavernous’. There are a few dozen lesser cathedrals, some touting miracles a few centuries ago and the Alferia competes with the lesser “La Alhambras” in Seville and Cordoba (more antiquities but this time Moorish, Mudejar and Catholic royalty presides).

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