From Mecca, California To The Sea

From Mecca, California To The Sea


It is not very far to drive from the Mecca Hills to the Salton Sea but they are worlds apart.

Crisp lettuce thrives in one location, the other barely supports a blade of grass. One has lemons, and the other, well, you know the saying, you can’t squeeze lemon juice from a creosote tree. In the Mecca Hills, vegetation struggles to sustain between seasons.  The closer one gravitates to the Salton Sea though, the more the human hand has cultivated out of the landscape an abundance that was not nature’s plan. Chlorophyll stuff thrives under the crushing heat, with irrigation from the Colorado River – groves of citrus, avocados gripping limbs, iceberg lettuce pastures, fields of calla corsages, turning over crops is 360 degree, big business. Mind the irrigation piping or you will be having an unwanted shower.

A last glimpse of the Mecca Hills landscape is a few pages from an art principles text. Line, form, shape, contrast, tension, and monochrome is the instructor. See for yourself before you roll on to the sea.

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Mecca Hills landscape photography
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Mecca Hills landscape photography
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Mecca Hills landscape photography
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Mecca landscape photography
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