Fall Foliage Photographer Is Not Foiled


Fall Foliage Photographer

It’s a rainy day in the Laurentians, north of Montreal, Quebec so the fall foliage photographer has to get creative.

That means no pretty trees dressed in their fall plumage and super saturated by the bright sun. Given all of the variables involved in what makes deciduous leaves turn colour (season, frost, sugar content, location and mostly luck) it is difficult to time peak bloom anyway.  Once you have overcome the fact you missed the leaves on the trees at their brightest moment you can relax. Today even sunny day highlights won’t be testing your exposure knowhow so much, although the light is more even it may be dull or scarce. If you have missed out on one or both (peak colour and sunshine) turn to other methods of capture. Although an angry sky can perform miracles conjuring up emotions on an overcast day, if they don’t seem mad enough, then move down and exclude them.

Streams and waterfalls tend to be in the woods making ambient light even less available but perhaps a photographer’s option when under threatening skies. Take filters for milky water and play to taste. Same principal applies to rain on windshields.

Mont Tremblant nature photography
Chance of Rain, Stay Low


Mont Tremblant nature photography
Rain on Glass Makes Good Watercolours

Often the tones are so monochromatic during inclement weather that you may as well process with that in mind.

Mont Tremblant nature photography
Emotional Skies


Mont Tremblant nature photography
There Are Many Ways to Capture Fall Colours
Mont Tremblant nature photography
Creative Fall Photography


2 Responses to “Fall Foliage Photographer Is Not Foiled”

  1. Lionel Fiset

    Thanks, i finally found your FB page. Next time we hope that the weather will be better for nice pic’s….you should plan to come earlier, let say by the end of september! À bientôt!

    • Heather

      I can find a photo in any weather! Hope to make it back to Mont Tremblant and the Laurentiens soon. Lovely place.



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