Eye On The Ball In Havana, Cuba Streets

Eye On The Ball in Havana, Cuba Streets


Havana baseball sport photography
Eye On The Ball In Havana Streets


Keep your eye on the Ball. Easy to say but in practise, not so effortless to “eyeball” the fleeting object in the effervescence of sparkling faces, vibrant action and zealous screams.

The keen street photographer stumbles across children at play with a backdrop of crumbling Havana architecture; a focused scene in a capsule- bright, tropical sun with subjects engrossed in the main event – Winning! Winning the ball, winning a score, winning confidence of mates, winning the competition, winning for the team. For a few moments, troubles in life are masked by the absorbing, all encompassing bouncing ball, an inanimate object of inconsequential size that releases human spiritedness once buoyant. Street photographers are always looking for a story so watch the kids who are keeping an eye on the ball.

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