Don’t Rein in the Sporty Kid

Sporty Kid Portraits

Sports photography doesn’t always have to be outside photography.

Sports photography studio images young teens
Basketball Action

Its not every day basketballs, rackets and, (what’s that thing called again?) RipStick or perhaps RibUnstick (does that mean your ribs won’t be sticking to you any more when you fall down?) makes its way into the portrait studio either. Heaven forbid the fall takes place in the studio.

sports portrait action
After the Ride

Young people like action and although you can try to rein them in, in front of a screen it’s best to just let them conceptualize what an action shot is and go with it. Oh, and sometimes it’s OK to keep the dirt on the sports equipment. Young people like that kind of thing.

Sports photography studio images young teens
Get a Basket
Action Sports photography studio
Racket Action

One Response to “Don’t Rein in the Sporty Kid”

  1. Hiro

    Nice works. Obviously, they are taken in a studio. And good use of wide-angle lens fro portrait. I feel…Don”t you think the crop is a little too tight? Also I would change back ground to some thing brigther (high-key) which separte his cloths and background and may make this boy look more lively.



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