Cuba Street Photography – Who Says Tropical Must Be Colorful?

Cuba Street Photography – Who Says Tropical Must Be Colorful?

Since the advent of color photography, black and white or monochrome has competed for its place in the “light”. Toning is manipulated as a vehicle to focus on primary subjects and supporting background while keeping the message true. Street photography in Cuba, with the use of anachronistic and historic elements, is a great place to see black and white perform its magic: caught in time, young and old, work and games, fun and hardship, modern and historic, are some of the conflicts that  weave together a good yarn of imagery.

Cuba street photography in a kaleidoscope of color or in black and white, which do you prefer?:

Eye On The Ball

Havana Cuba Its All About Baseball In The Streets

Everyone Is Playing Games On Cuba Streets

Someone Is Always Dancing To The Tropical Beat In Cuba


Havana street games photography
All Eyes On The Baseball


Havana travel photography
Photography Does Not Bother The Players


Havana travel photography
Monochrome Magic


Havana music travel photography
Music Is Always On The Streets In Havana-Priming For The Next Gig

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