Cordoba, Spain – A Catholic Cathedral Inside A Mosque

Cordoba, Spain – A Catholic Cathedral Inside A Mosque

There are few places in the world where one can go to mass within a mosque, but Cordoba (or Cordova) is one of them, probably the only one. Not only is it the second largest Old Town in Europe (and Europe has a few old towns!) but its religious site is beyond ordinary in expanse and denomination.

Take a major Christian religious meeting place and set it on top of an ancient Islamic mosque, add a few hundred years and the stew is a unique Renaissance and Moorish blend. Adjacent is a thousand year old courtyard with orange groves, blooming and spewing out their effervescent fragrance. There is enough sensual mix to keep any visitor off the streets of Cordoba for a day. The Mezquita, a former medieval Islamic mosque with a Christian cathedral predating the mosque in 700 AD and then reassembling on the site for the past 900 years, is a worthy respite from the heat of Andalucia, southern Spain. Upon entrance to the site, the brilliance of the subtropical light softens and a coolness bathes making ” just another religious worship centre” bearable. If you don’t like these kinds of places it is still worth breaking away from the midday sun and taking in this unique and extensive architectural UNESCO site. After all, Cordoba was, at its height in the 11 C, a world educational (how about the Guinness record for the largest library in the world?), cultural, political and medical centre, complete with 300 Roman baths, 3000 mosques, palaces and everything else required for a pre medieval world haven. After the seventh century Arabian conquest, Christians and Muslims worshipped on the same site for a few hundred years while Cordoba thrived.
Now there is a model for modern times!

Islamic Architectural Influences, Cordoba Catholic Cathedral, Spain





Unique Islamic Architecture, Cordoba, Spain




The Mihrab, Cordoba Cathedral, Andalucia, Spain

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