Connect With Rajasthan, Northern India

Connect With Rajasthan, Northern India

Street photography leans your eye out, narrows the squint, keenly trained for events about to happen.

Solitude appears to be the number one rule to keep your mind focused on immanent unknowns, namely, people about to launch into prize winning capsules of life’s best moments. From this, one would presume travelling alone will finesse street smart photo procurement, but practise in solitude is not necessarily a requirement. Just in case you are engaged with other travellers or a significant other who desperately demands “face time” over the camera equipment, you may have to politely or impolitely excuse yourself, risk their scorn and wrath if you see street potential unfolding. Some signs to keep your eye on, children shyly peeking from behind protective facades, street conversations, body language about to turn into your shutters view. Be ready with camera settings on guard for the perfect moment.


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Indian Rajasthan street portrait
©heathersimonds, Curious Udaipur Girl
Indian train Udaipur Rajasthan
©heathersimonds, Indian Elephant Rider


India train Udaipur
©heathersimonds, Indian Street Banter



Indian train Udaipur Rajasthan
©heathersimonds, Indian Elder


Indian train Udaipur Rajasthan
©heathersimonds, Rajasthani Elephant Rider











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