Figs Take You Places in Armenia

Figs Take You Places in Armenia


A Fickle Pursuit of the Best


How can mere figs take you places? In northern Armenia you could travel across the country in pursuit of the best. Shopping for Armenian figs is not taken lightly by locals but you can make it as complicated as your palette requires. After all, you are in a land that straddles Europe and Asia and most rules in this part of the world are blurred.

The best taste, variety and price. All of these come into play in the fall. That is when fig trees explode with nature’s joy of sweet pulp, seeds and juice. It is an amalgam that can delight the most discerning of tastes. As you drive throughout the countryside vendors will have on offer along the roadsides their fig tree harvest. They will be everywhere, especially in the north. Your research can be as easy or as complicated as you prefer. You can negotiate with every vendor. Play their proximity against each other. Chances are they will be friends and neighbours though and their alliances wont’ be easily broken. They will collaborate with each other before they will align with a fig starved non local hitting their pocketbook for the best deal.

The country is so small you can cover your fig acquisition expedition in an afternoon and return home with a trunk full of figs from several varieties, depending on your mood and palette. So prep your tastebuds for a little mouthwatering work and get yourself on the Armenian roads!

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Armenia figs travel
Armenia Figs, Anyone?                                                                                    @heathersimondsphotography.com


Armenia figs travel
Roadside Vendors in northern Armenia                                                  @heathersimondsphotography.com


Armenia figs travel
Fall Vending in Armenia                                                                              @heathersimondsphotography.com


Armenia figs travel
Shady Trees Fend off the heat in northern Armenia                                   @heathersimondsphotography.com


Azerbaijan travel Middle East
Azerbaijan from Armenia                                                                     @heathersimondsphotography.com


Armenia figs travel
Armenia Marketplace                                                            @heathersimondsphotography.com


Armenia figs travel
Armenia Market                                                                                    @heathersimondsphotography.com


Armenia figs travel
Armenia Market                                                                                    @heathersimondsphotography.com


Armenia figs travel
Fig Shopping at the Indoor Market                                              @heathersimondsphotography.com

Rajasthan Train Where Can You Go In India

Rajasthan Train


Where Can You Go In India?


Rajasthan train is the way to go in this part of India. If you drive any distance in rural India you “get it”. A train ride cannot be beat for getting around expediently and without worry of accident. And they are more or less timely, given the part of the world you are in. A Rajasthan tour is probably tops on most “what to do in India” lists. Blue City of Jodphur, Pink City of Jaipur, Ghats of the Ganges. Princely states, harems, ladies palaces, all can be seen easily by Indian train. Most of these sites can be seen in a busy, but not frenetic week of Rajasthan train travel. The largely intact forts and palaces are full of centuries old antiques from elephant palanquins to ornate hookahs. After the tiger safari, riding an elephant up to a palace, marching around a fort and a smattering of local colour side trips to equally fascinating Fort Chittaugarh (Fort Chittor) and erotic Khajuraho temple can be easily arranged by India Rail.

You can get a view of the Indian countryside outside of the teeming cities. In the middle of nowhere you will be surprised to see an Indian Rail employee who looks like a local farmer, and most likely is one. He may be quietly waving a flag with full sense of purpose having fulfilled the days rail duty. Occasionally there will be children playing or locals just gazing at the wonder of the train lumbering through their regular schedule. So take in the big sites but be sure to admire the everyday living in this exotic and colourful land.

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Indian travel photography
Jaipur, Rajastan Reflection


Indian travel photography labour
Rajasthan Train


travel photography India Indian
Udaipur City Palace, Over Four Hundred Years of History


travel photography Rajasthan India
Landscape from Lake Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


travel photography Indian Rajasthan northern India
Jaipur Gate, Rajasthan, northern India


travel photography India Indian Khajuraho temple
Erotic Figures, Khajuraho temple


travel photography India portrait
Portrait of Indian Caretaker on Elephant above Jaipur


travel photography Indian landscape photography
Western Hindu Temple at Khajuraho, northern India


travel photography night photography India Indian
Chittor Fort, Rajasthan at Night


travel photography Chittaurgarh Indian
Indian Fort Chittor


Indian train Udaipur Rajasthan
Monkey On Chittorgarh Fort At Sunset



Alberta, Land of the Wild Horse

Alberta, Land of the Wild Horse



wild horse Alberta
Wild Horses and Pony                                                                                  @heathersimondsphotography.com


There is something about a wild horse that speaks to a hidden part of us. The suppressed part that responds to an unfettered life, dominated by none and without rules. The part that does not want to live by schedules and appointments and dislikes smog and pollution almost as much. After all, don’t we all want more free will from the shackles imposed by ourselves and others? Free in the open fields and aromatic woods of our dreams. Running with mane tangled from the elements after days spent in the mountain air of an untamed land. Just like in the movies, a life of the strong and free.

But strength and romanticism do not always keep company in the same body. The same can be said for nostalgia and freedom. The wild horses that roam the foothills of Alberta in the Canadian Rocky Mountains are not truly wild. Although they are descendants of domesticated Spanish horses released during colonization they have roamed free for many years. They have been here long enough to resist being rounded up back into captivity. As far as day to day living is concerned these horses lead a life of chaos. The wild horse has to survive a hostile environment without any hope of human help for basic needs provided to its domestic relatives. A constant search for the necessities of life, food and shelter, leaves little time or energy for loafing around enjoying the natural environs of the Alberta foothills. In the depths of winter after fresh snowfall there is no overwintered dry hay to be found.

People have been nurturing the horse human partnership since wolves started hanging around the campfire. We domesticated them and now we romanticize their wildness. Tamed their instincts and admire the release of them. The next time you see a wild horse or any wild creature, admire them for their struggle as much as for the freedom they instill. The wild deserve it.

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wild horse Alberta
Wild Horses Following Leader                                                                               @heathersimondsphotography.com


wild horse Alberta
Wild Pony Following Mare                                                                           @heathersimondsphotography.com


wild horse Alberta
Wild Horse Sundre, Alberta                                                                             @heathersimondsphotography.com


wild horse Alberta
Wild Horse Sorrel                                                                                               @heathersimondsphotography.com


wild horse Alberta
Wild Horse Stud                                                                                                 @heathersimondsphotography.com


wild horse Alberta
Wild Horse and Pony near Calgary                                                                    @heathersimondsphotography.com


Street Performer Life Is A Juggle

Street Performer Life Is A Juggle


The Power of One


The life of a street performer is a juggling act, both on and off the stage.

A sole practitioner with the acute business sense of a dark-suited CEO without the MBA polish. Graduated honourable mention from the school of hard knocks, without the flashy papers. Replaced the teenager’s magic deck with eye catching balls. It takes a strong draw to get the job done.

Tony, tawny and tired. Always tired and always practising.

Childhood gymnastics. Teenage magician school dropout. Adult rejection from magic school. Now a street performer. Aged but still has the passion.

A job where lunch depends on the ability to stand out in a crowd of actors; dinner means pleasing fickle onlookers. Ready to turn their attention at the speed of the next snapchat. Pan the crowd, is there acceptance here?

A career fading or faded? Let the audience decide. It is an era of short attention pan. The crowd demands entertainment at the twirl of a hat or the toss of a ball. The odds are against the street performer but when the applause registers

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Power of One


Madrid Spain street performer
Performing Alone                                                           ©heathersimondsphotography.com



performer Madrid Spain
After Performing Alone                                                                ©heathersimondsphotography.com


street performer One
Seville Walking Alone                                                                                                            ©heathersimondsphotography.com


street performer girls pigeons
Yukon Gold Sunrise                                                                                                                ©heathersimondsphotography.com


street performer baby Asian dancing
Dancing Legs                                                                                                            @heathersimondsphotography.com