Santiago Calatrava in Valencia, Spain

Santiago Calatrava in Valencia, Spain

Spanish and worldwide modern architecture and engineering give Santiago Calatrava a nod of approval. There are a lot of ways to leave a legacy and in Spanish cities the work of Calatrava is immediately recognizable, even by visitors. Most visitors to his native city, Valencia, will soon realize even more of his signature pieces are sprinkled about than in most Spanish cities.

Lean and sweeping with blanco starched arms, stretching up to grasp the heavens, gripping nimbus and cumulus and heavenly drops of precipitation between azul sky days; this is his mark. City after city, the hand and eye of this man are unmistakable; Cuidad de Las Arts y de Las Ciencias, Valencia, Zaragoza’s Expo 2008, Madrid, Seville, Barcelona. He didn’t house his craft within Spanish borders but sprinkled bits around the globe, including Calgary’s recent (controversial) pedestrian bridge, the Peace Bridge. Perhaps a little trip to Spain will dim the squawk into a smile of worldly appreciation, or maybe raise the noise level more upon realization the woes the “construction boom” of the last two decades has descended upon the youth of Spain. An open mind, art appreciation or practicalities of the day? You decide.

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Santiago Calatrava, Spanish Architect


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Opera House, Valencia, Spain


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Spanish Architecture by Santiago Calatrava




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Soaring Calatrava Design, Valencia, Spain



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