Bye Bye Siberia

Leaving Siberia in the summer is not easy. It means the end of eating omul (one of the hundreds do species native only to Lake Baikal) smoked fresh on a stick for fast food comfort. The end of the quaint timber architecture unique to the area with green or blue (or both)carved shutters and trim. The end of cows on the road blocking the minibus goal of rushing through the lush woodland to get to the next destination. The end of diving in the largest fresh water body in the world (over one mile in the deepest part and getting deeper thanks to a rift). The end of taking reflections after the big showers. Maybe the end of brown gum made from resin (who knows?). The end of Buryatiya culture for this visit.
The end of big sunsets on Lake Baikal, sadly.


One Response to “Bye Bye Siberia”

  1. Doreen

    Only your experiences and sunset photo could have me adding Siberia to my “bucket list”!

    Sounds and looks amazing….



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