Bombay Beach, Salton Sea For A Different Nostalgia

Bombay Beach, Salton Sea

For A Different Nostalgia


It is doubtful someone from Mumbai got washed up on the Salton Sea beach years ago but don’t you wonder where some names come from? Although Bombay Beach is not in India, temperatures can compete with the Indian subcontinent at this Salton Sea locale. It used to be a resort but that would be a stretch that your imagination probably would have a struggle with. Here are the stats for the number folks – population: 366; elevation: -225 feet

When devastating tropical storms (who says California interior doesn’t get them?) hit the area in the 70’s the Salton Sea rose dramatically followed by flooding. There is nothing like an entire town underwater two years in a row  to bring on the enforcements – completion of a dike wall in front of the sea. Locals lost the famous shoreline bar, “The Waterfront” along with a popular mobile home park. You don’t play around with Mother Nature in these parts.

Made up of a square mile grid of paved streets, the majority of the remaining residents live in eclectic mobile homes. A small corner market, a bar or two, bait shop, volunteer fire station, an unmarked motel, and the flooded ruins of a once prosperous fishing and retirement mecca make up the commercial element.

With no gas station for miles, most people rely on electrical golf carts to get around town. For many years, the community was primarily made up of retirees, but in recent years a younger, mixed group have settled in to find their fortune/eke out a living. The community was founded as a private development in 1929 and quickly grew in popularity with weekend visitors and retirees. Now it is slowly deteriorating, one sunny day after another.

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California desert photography
Approaching North Beach, Salton Sea


California desert photography
Resort Signs At North Beach Promise Fun


California desert photography
Eclectic Mobile Homes, Bombay Beach, Salton Sea


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Salton Sea Homeowner Takes A Look


California desert photography
Mobile Homes at Bombay Beach, Salton Sea

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