Bicycling San Diego Style


Bicycling San Diego Style


Bicycling around San Diego may not be near the top of your visitor list for this fair seaside city. After all, there are shiny fire engine red trams that will connect you to the core sights if you don’t prefer pedestrian pace. But, if you want to get off the mainstream tour sometime during a visit, there are two wheeled pedal machines that can have you ambulatory in any direction at your own speed. All of a sudden San Diego is open to view from another perspective.


One popular cycling route is to head south from downtown San Diego towards Mexico. After a few miles (US, you know) through light industrial and coastal views, and always on easy cruising trails, take an important turn after the salt factory to avoid declaring your intentions to an international border official. Head directly across the lagoon and then swing north up the ten-mile isthmus called The Silver Strand. Never fear, you won’t be obliged to abandon your bike and swim when crossing the lagoon. Alternatively, you might be tempted to get out your binos for some shorebird watching. Notice now on the west side of the Strand, the thumping and resounding waves (depending on the time of year), making it difficult to overcome the lure of southern California’s renowned beaches. Succumb to the call, even if momentarily, and take in a dose of beach life before peddling up into Hotel del Coronado territory. You can see the wooden architectural landmark for a long time whether approaching from sea or land. The Del was built in 1888, and gained acclaim as a sleepover destination for presidents and kings and last centuries’ other famous folks. You can easily spend the rest of your junket touring around Coronado Island. Physically, it is a peninsula but don’t even think about back peddling when you could pick up a harbour ferry and absorb the sea breeze back to downtown San Diego all the while grabbing unusual views of the World War II cargo ship, the USS Midland.


If you prefer your mobile appliance delivered to your downtown accommodation that too can be arranged by local bicycle rental companies.

No excuses now. Work those pedals and get lost on a San Diego bike pathway.




southern California marina
© heather simonds               Marina, San Diego, California


southern California cycling
© heather simonds                    Grafitti Lined Bike Paths, San Diego, California


California salt factory
© heather simonds                           Salt Flats Cycling California


southern California outdoors
© heather simonds                   San Diego Salt Factory Cycling, California


California travel photography
© heather simonds           Eye On The Prize – Coronado Hotel, California


Midway American ship
© heather simonds                     San Diego Downtown and USS Midway ship

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  1. Byron

    You make it sound enticing. For our slow paced exploration a group of us went on the historic brothel tour.
    Are you on your Bentley tour?



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