April Again- Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

April Again- Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park


April again! the willow wands are yellow

Rose-red the brambles that the passing wind knows,

Comes a robin’s note like the note of a ‘cello,

And across the valley, the calling of the crows,-
’April again!’ by Virna Sheard


Are you excited about the arrival of spring, or, like most prairie and foothills dwellers, merely cautiously optimistic? At Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park March closed the door leaving more than a skiff of snow behind for April to sop up. Ice blocks on the Bow, lingering snowdrifts along the fence lines, storms of snow and rain sideways and too much brown. Everywhere. Although this year April carries the responsibility of the Spring Equinox celebration, Easter, it is still hard to enthusiastically uncover signs of spring awakenings on the western Canadian prairies. For weeks now we’ve seen the robin and heard the crows calling across the land that “April is here again”. There is no doubt spring is in the air and, if you care to jaunt down Yodel closer to the Bow River, by now you will surely see the yellow on the willows. If your timing is early in the morning or later in the afternoon, you might even look back and see the sweet spring light on the hills. Both of these times of day have spring nipping at your nose and, lingering to capture the landscape before nightfall, will still have your nose dripping as you clammer hurriedly up the hill before closing.


While the park landscape is dynamic any time of the year (yes, try the winter when there are three cars in the parking lot) a spring visit has its specialities. As April leans into May come early or stay later, you will be sure to find more than robins chirping and crows cackling, the willows will be dressed in their finest greenery and the landscape will be begging you to linger.


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Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park
Big Sky Country at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park ©heather simonds


Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park
Spring Skies at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park                       ©heather simonds


Glenbow prairie photography
Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Late Spring Fenceline ©heather simonds


Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park
Fences and Trails at Glenbow Ranch Provicnial Park                 ©heather simonds


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