Heather Simonds Photography


I am an enthusiastic photographer and blogger based in Victoria, British Columbia. When I am not there I am somewhere between Calgary and the southwest US desert. If I am not there then somewhere else in the world has captured my fancy.

This gallery contains my perspective of the world where I live, people and places in my travels, both down the road and afar. Simplistic but true, photography catches the moment, rekindles and reminds of the weathered barn, the lover’s sigh, the hawk scream, the child’s glee or the fading sky. It offers the opportunity to view the fleeting in more detail, admire nature’s intricate gift or capture the emotional appeal of a family celebration.

I have been behind a camera capturing people, travel and nature for so long a camera is part of my costume. My work has been showcased in print media (Outdoor Photography Canada, Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park newsletter, Calgary Real Estate Board), galleries (Calgary Stampede, Cochrane Library, Resolution Gallery), in competitions (Canadian Parks and Wilderness), Fred Stenson’s Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park: Grass, Hills and History and a commission for the 2014 centennial book, Rotary in Calgary Celebrating One Hundred YearsYou can find my work in various nature and photography sites.

I offer photography services, portraits, commercial images and prints. Just browse through my gallery of prints from my backyard and around the world.