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Winter Moose Exercises

Moose on the Loose
Winter Moose Exercises


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Wild and Snowy Portrait               ©heathersimonds


Have you noticed lately that moose are flexing their limbs in positions akin to gymnastics? Working out as only moose can to keep in shape through the winter months. They do not need a gym after the holidays to make that happen. At least not like the northern hemisphere humans they share their habitat with.

The kind of workout equipment this gangly mammal requires is all natural boreal and the forum is entirely outdoors. No sweaty, steamy gym for these folks. Add freshly fallen snow and a thermometer plunge for frosty effect. Native brush, crunchy stubble and overhanging trees lure the moose on their chompy workout circuit. They believe in interspersing appetite satisfaction with muscle limbering. A backyard full of non-native specialty shrubs and trees will interlude just fine for their workout unwind. A neck stretch here. A deep bend there. Legs straddle. Rigid muscles flex. Supple limbs ripple. They may be snooty in looks but their arrogance is reserved only if hostility is in the air. Otherwise, they roam unfettered in a landscape laden with fresh snow. Add a few leaps that target the quads and hams. Engage those chest muscles that are not put into play in the light summer browsing when food is for the taking. A full body machine.

Movements may appear scattered and unfocused but this calm, composed beast knows its environs. Most of the time they live unfettered by the intersection of human activity. With relaxed attitude they barely break out in a sweat. At the same time they are wild animal aware. That gangly body may look relaxed but their jumpy workout enables 0-60 in seconds.

After their backyard workout with the calm composure of a post gym satisfaction, legs flex into a leap over the fence and they are off to workout on someone else’s treasured transplants. The next time your moose comes by to workout, be sure to join in. You can mimic the poses from the kitchen window.

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moose Canadian wildlife
Youngster Grabs A Glance ©heathersimonds


moose Canadian wildlife
Winter Moose On the Run in the Boreal ©heathersimonds



moose Canadian wildlife
Cow and Yearling Browse ©heathersimonds


moose Canadian wildlife
Mother of Twins Keeps Checking ©heathersimonds


moose Canadian wildlife
Morning Exercise for Winter Moose  ©heathersimonds

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