2016 Year In Review

                 Year in Review 2016


cross country ski
Hitting the Bearspaw Slopes                                       ©heathersimondsphotography.com


Death Valley Floral
Sierra Nevada Foothills Superbloom near Death Valley                                         ©heathersimondsphotography.com


Death Valley Floral
Superbloom Death Valley                                                                                   ©heathersimondsphotography.com


Joshua Tree National Park Sunset                                                      ©heathersimondsphotography.com


desert bloom United States
Death Valley Spring Explosion       ©heathersimondsphotography.com


spring desert bloom
Southwestern Wildflower Bloom ©heathersimondsphotography.com


desert cacti spring
Southwestern Wildflower Bloom, Anza Borrego                      ©heathersimondsphotography.com


spring wild mammals
Moose Enjoy a Bearspaw Dip                         ©heathersimondsphotography.com


NYC, New YorkCity, Columbia
Empire State Building Lit In Columbia Colours                       ©heathersimondsphotography.com


Brooklyn Bridge walking
Walking the Brooklyn Bridge                                                                 ©heathersimondsphotography.com


New York City
Central Park, New York City                                                                                        ©heathersimondsphotography.com


gay Quebec French
Montreal Pink in Spring                                                       ©heathersimondsphotography.com


Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame, Montreal Backlit ©heathersimondsphotography.com



Canadian mountain wildflowers


mammal, Canada, wildlife


Armenian city





tofa stone
Habitat Armenia Building Materials                                   ©heathersimondsphotography.com


Monastery, Northern Armenia                                                                                ©heathersimondsphotography.com


Stonehenge of southern Armenia                                                                         ©heathersimondsphotography.com


old Coachella
Desert Trip        Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Who ©heathersimondsphotography.com


England cathedral Shard
Cathedral and Spire (The Shard), London                                                           ©heathersimondsphotography.com


Bournemouth English coast
Portland, Dorset, England                                                                                      ©heathersimondsphotography.com


Packing Up and Saying Goodbye                                                             ©heathersimondsphotography.com


west coast sunset
West Coast Evening, Ladysmith                                                                ©heathersimondsphotography.com



Winter Solstice Shadow Creativity

Winter Solstice Shadow Creativity


What do chickadees and gardeners and druids and photographers have in common?


The longest night and the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere has been celebrated as Winter Solstice for about 6000 years old. Seriously, that long! Green boughs, wassail, honey, bread and cheese … although druids are usually associated with the Celtic celebrations, there have been “end of the shortest day” festivals and customs worldwide for every letter of the alphabet for nearly forever. Winter Solstice marks change and hope, but the whole concept is a little trying for folks when frosty temperatures and short days mark the celebration. The photographer with nippy fingers switches refreshed batteries that refuse to offer life in dippy temperatures and muses about Summer Solstice sunsets.

With the Winter Solstice almost immediately swallowed by that “tinsel and turkey” festival, it is hard to keep focused on the long haul. How do photographers remain zealous about the prospect of weak light, grey skies and colder temperatures for months to come? Just as gardeners have suppress their desire to grasp a hoe by leafing through seed catalogues, so too photographers need to address with enthusiasm continued creativity through the monochromatic months.


As for the chickadee, the time has come to sing a new song. After the Winter Solstice they pull out their breeding noisemakers; it is time to think about breeding in the dead of winter and melodically blast out the announcement of the season, spring is coming, let us breed.

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winter solstice monochrome
The Long Shadow Of The Winter Solstice



winter solstice monochrome
©heather simonds                                                                             The Long Arm Of Winter



winter solstice monochrome
©heather simonds                                                                            Winter Shadow Drama



winter solstice monochrome
©heather simonds                                           Denver Winter Shadows



winter solstice monochrome
©heather simonds                                         The Long Arm Of Winter Casts A Shadow